DZL series hot water boiler


DZL series hot water boiler

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DZL series hot water boiler






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DHL(QXL) series bulk boiler






DZL series boiler Features:
1, the use of a highly efficient heat transfer element a tobacco pipe, together with a reasonable flue gas flow rate, the boiler thermal efficiency higher than the national professional standards 6-8 percentage points.
2, arched tube plate, threaded pipe so that the shell from the quasi-rigid body into a quasi-elastic body, with the airfoil flue, completely avoid the traditional pyrotechnic tube board crack cracking defects.
3, a reasonable water circuit and a unique loop back to the injection device (hot water boiler), increased riser water velocity, to avoid the water wall burst pipe.
4, using the furnace inertia separation of smoke. Supplemented by efficient multi-tube dust collector, the boiler dust concentration to meet the requirements of a region.
5, a reasonable structure of the boiler can support their own weight without the steel frame.
6, the use of energy-saving, strong radiation furnace arch, to ensure a stable combustion of fuel.
7, the use of high standards, high-quality auxiliary machines, accessories and automatic control equipment to ensure safe and stable operation of the boiler, while reducing the workload of fireman.
8, compact structure. 1-20t / h (0.7-14MW) boiler can be single-story layout.

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