SZL assembly series water tube steam&hot water boiler


SZL assembly series water tube steam&hot water boiler

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SZL assembly series water
tube steam&hot water boiler





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SZL assembly series water tube steam&hot water boiler






Boiler Features:
1, using the upper and lower two large pieces of the factory, the boiler layout, compact structure, short installation cycle, saving capital investment.
2, the boiler to achieve the water, coal, grate operation, slag, drum, the wind-controlled; overpressure (steam boiler), over-temperature (hot water boiler), high and low water level Row of running, drums, induced draft run interlock protection to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
3, both sides to the wind, a separate plenum, separate regulation, to avoid uneven wind caused by the fire grate and partial burning phenomenon.
4, the use of large pieces of high strength grate, to avoid grate rupture phenomenon, while reducing the loss of coal leakage.
5, installed in the grate roller device, grate operation from sliding friction into rolling friction, greatly reducing the grate running resistance, improve the reliability of grate operation.
6, adequate heating surface arrangement, thermal efficiency, higher than the national standard of 4 to 6 percentage points.
7, the use of short and tall front arch and low and long after the arch, to ensure the stable combustion of coal at the same time, according to different types of coal corresponding arch design to meet the bituminous coal and anthracite combustion.
8, together with reliable quality auxiliary equipment, accessories. Ensure the boiler stable and reliable operation.

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