Converter waste heat recovery boiler


Converter waste heat recovery boiler

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Converter waste heat recovery boiler




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The converter waste heat boiler is used to recover the waste heat of the high temperature flue gas from the converter oxygen steelmaking plant in the iron and steel industry, and at the same time, it creates the conditions for dust removal and gas recovery of the converter flue gas. Because of the particularity of converter steelmaking,boiler operating conditions are harsh, fatigue damage and water circulation problems are easily caused, which lead to tube wall rupture caused by heat transfer deterioration. We learn from the advanced technology and design of boilers at home and abroad for many years of experience in manufacturing, with vaporization cooling flue structure, can produce saturated steam, and the heating furnace can also with saturated steam heating furnace of converter flue and rolling production line into superheated steam for power generation, in order to improve the utilization rate of equipment and economic benefits. We provide a strong guarantee for the long-term safe operation of the waste heat boiler through the establishment of strict and effective technological measures. 

Technical characteristics

With the design of low cycle fatigue resistance, high performance water-cooled wall tube material is selected, and the connection type of pipe joint adopts flat seat type.
In addition to the axial expansion, the radial expansion is fully considered and the problem of thermal expansion is solved.
In addition to the membrane wall, the sealing properties of each opening and the junction of the flue are ensured.
Careful calculation of the boiler water cycle, the rational distribution of flow resistance to avoid Tube explosion.
The use of a special pipe-tube opening, on the basis of ensuring the quality and appearance of beauty.


Converter waste heat recovery boiler




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