Sponge iron waste heat recovery boiler


Sponge iron waste heat recovery boiler

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Sponge iron waste heat recovery boiler




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The heat of the waste gas of the spongy iron reduction equipment is about 30 - 35% of the total amount of heat produced, Some even reached 50%. Therefore, the waste heat boiler is installed after the reduction equipment of the sponge iron, and the heat of the waste gas is recovered, and the steam is generated for power generation or external supply. At the same time, reducing the temperature of the flue gas to less than 200~c can greatly reduce the energy consumption index of the production of the sponge iron. 

Technical characteristics

Vertical U-shaped boiler with two or three return structure, except for part of the economizer using water wall structure as a flue, light weight, good sealing;
Heat transfer with spiral fin tube, It can not only improve the heat transfer efficiency but also make the layout of the boiler compact and the volume reduced.

The superheater and evaporator use the hanger tube structure.
The economizer adopts the pipe structure, 4 or 5 tubes are arranged in a group, which are convenient for transportation and installation.
The water cycle of the waste heat boiler adopts the natural circulation or the forced circulation mode.


Sponge iron waste heat recovery boiler




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