Noviter -NWTB hot water boiler


Noviter -NWTB hot water boiler

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Noviter -NWTB hot water boiler





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Noviter -NWTB hot water boiler




Full three-dimensional computer aided design calculations

Thermodynamic calculation, calculation of smoke wind resistance, hydrodynamic calculation and calculation according to the new computational fluid mechanics of heated wall temperature (CFD) and numerical heat transfer (NHT) principle, using the international advanced FLUENT software, the accurate calculation of the temperature of each point in the furnace, the combustion products and the distribution of heated wall temperature distribution, in order to reasonable the guide arrangement of heating surface, the heating surface is heated evenly, to extend the service life of the boiler and save steel;
The world's first vertical top-blowing U-shaped layout
Because the boiler adopts a vertical structure, it has the advantages of compact structure, small occupied area; at the same time, the heat convection in a vertical arrangement of parts is more conducive to the maintenance of boiler cleaning water discharge; U type flue gas flow and water flow in countercurrent arrangement, Increasing the temperature and pressure of flue gas and water, reducing the exhaust gas temperature and increasing the thermal efficiency of the boiler system;

Powerful low-emission function

Using the world's advanced low NOx burners, Using the latest classified air distribution and flue gas recirculation technology, It greatly inhibits the change of nitrogen in the fuel to NOx during the combustion process. At the same time, the large furnace structure reduces the heat load of the whole furnace volume. The temperature level in the furnace is low, which inhibits the change of nitrogen to NOx in the combustion air.

High efficiency heat transfer technology

Due to the use of membrane water wall structure, it can fully absorb radiant heat from the flame, and improve the sealing performance, at the same time, the furnace wall is not directly affected by the flame radiation, so it can not make the refractory material, furnace wall is greatly reduced in weight, while reducing the weight of the frame; The convection part adopts the structure of the smoke pipe, and the spoiler is arranged on the top of the smoke pipe. Due to the existence of the spoiler, the disturbance of the flue gas is intensified and the boundary layer which hinders the heat exchange is destroyed, thereby reducing the heat resistance of the convection heat transfer , Thus strengthening the gas and water heat transfer;

Forced circulating direct current boiler

Boiler feed water pump pressure on once through boiler, therefore the heating surface of the cooling can be fully guaranteed, at the same time, the boiler starts very fast; because there is no drum natural circulation boiler and complex piping systems and supporting system, the structure is simple and smooth, greatly simplifies the manufacturing process and reduce weight, convenient installation maintenance.

Large range of load regulation
Carefully designed matching burners and reasonable radiation and convection heating surface area distribution enable the boiler to operate stably between 20% and 100% load and output qualified parameters of hot water.

high degree of automation

The blowing, ignition and output power adjustment of the burner; Boiler effluent temperature, pressure, flow and other output parameters of the detection, adjustment; As well as the protection and interlocking of the boiler, such as the failure of the ignition, the overlimit of the main thermal parameters and so on, are automatically completed, and it is stable and reliable.


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