Acid accumulator waste heat recovery boiler


Acid accumulator waste heat recovery boiler

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Acid accumulator waste heat
recovery boiler




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Acid accumulator waste heat recovery boiler 

In the acid process will produce a lot of heat energy, in addition to the device cooling, exhaust smoke, slag loss, the remaining heat can be recycled and utilized. The waste heat boiler is the main equipment for the utilization of waste heat from acid. It transforms the waste heat from the acid process into medium, low pressure steam, and improves the energy utilization rate in general. Due to the difference of acid making process, the high temperature and strong corrosion of furnace gas and the abrasion and ash accumulation on the heating surface, the boiler has certain particularity in the selection of steam parameters, the overall layout and structure of boiler and the way of steam water circulation. With the growing scale of the acid plant and the stricter requirement of energy saving and emission reduction, acid waste heat boilers are  also developing towards high parameter, large scale and high efficiency. 

Technical characteristics

●The use of special sealing structure and expansion structure to ensure the sealing of the boiler;
●Choose the best flue gas flow rate and a reasonable flue gas dynamic field, the use of new wear-resistant materials and fixed way to improve the wear resistance and the use of results;
●Optimize the overall layout of the boiler to prevent high temperature corrosion;
●Flexible layout of boiler heating surface, effectively remove dust
●This product can make long-term operation of waste heat boiler, easy maintenance.


Acid accumulator waste heat recovery boiler




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