Cement kiln waste heat recovery boiler


Cement kiln waste heat recovery boiler

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Cement kiln waste heat recovery boiler




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Cement kiln waste heat recovery boiler





The new dry-process cement produces pure low-temperature waste heat power generation technology, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption in the cement production process and has significant energy-saving effect because of converting the heat energy in the exhaust gas into electric energy; At the same time, the exhaust gas can reduce the discharge temperature through the waste heat boiler, which can effectively reduce the heat pollution of the cement production to the environment. With remarkable environmental protection effect, the low temperature waste heat generation technology of cement kiln will have a broad application prospect.

The steam - hot water flash compound power generation can make maximum use of the low temperature waste heat, The technology mainly uses low temperature waste gas at 200 c -500 C as the heat source. Through the waste heat boiler to produce superheated steam and a certain amount of saturated water, the conventional power generation system will not be able to use part of the low-grade low-temperature thermal energy through the flash system to produce saturated steam, combined with superheated steam power generation, increase waste heat power generation system technology Reliable, easy to run.

Characteristics of kiln head (AQC) waste heat boiler

●Modular assembly structure, expansion seal reliable;
●Anti-wear finned tube to ensure the life of the boiler pressure components;
●The unique flash technology makes the outlet temperature of the boiler lower than 90℃

Characteristics of kiln tail (SP) waste heat boiler

●Heating surface tube and header using a special connection structure to reduce mechanical vibration impact;
●Using mechanical vibration cleaning method, continuous cleaning mode has little effect on system operation;
●Set a sealed scraper ash machine, greatly reducing tail dust.

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