Coking waste heat recovery boiler


Coking waste heat recovery boiler

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Coking waste heat recovery boiler




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Coal used to make coke from the top of the coke oven hole or machine side (stamping coke) into the carbonization chamber, In the coking furnace, the gas is heated by the combustion of the gas in the combustion layer. In the combustion process, the coal material melts and decomposes, and the gaseous products generated escape from the riser at the top of the carbonization chamber and are introduced into the gas purification system to obtain the chemical products and the gas, and remain in the carbonization chamber to be solidified into coke. Coal decomposition solidification is completed, the carbonization chamber on both sides of the door open, with a coke pushing the coke launched. The purified gas is introduced into the combustion chamber to form a high temperature flue gas at 1000 degrees centigrade. In normal circumstances directly into the atmosphere through the chimney, the environment has a lot of pollution, while serious energy losses.

At present, the high temperature flue gas is introduced into the waste heat boiler through the flue to absorb the heat in the flue gas to generate the steam with the required parameters for generating electricity or heat. The flue gas temperature of the waste heat boiler is reduced below 200 ° C., and then passed through the desulfurization system Discharge into the atmosphere, greatly reducing the pollution of the environment. 

Technical characteristics

●The membrane wall is used as the structure of the furnace wall, and the sealing performance is good.
●The cooling chamber furnace is used to protect the superheater at the start of the boiler.
●The last row of the evaporator tube is inclined upward to a certain angle, which is beneficial to the water cycle of the evaporator.
●In the evaporator and Superheater, the structure of the hanger pipe is adopted.
●The lower evaporator and the economizer are finned tube structure.
The wall structure of the economizer is used around the economizer.


Coking waste heat recovery boiler




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