Catalytic cracking waste heat recovery boiler


Catalytic cracking waste heat recovery boiler

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Catalytic cracking waste
heat recovery boiler




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Catalytic cracking waste heat recovery boiler





Catalytic cracking unit is an oil refining unit with excess heat and high grade of high grade energy. Energy recovery plays a very significant role in energy saving. Compared with ordinary medium pressure boiler, there is a big difference between the catalytic cracking waste heat boiler, In addition to regenerative flue gas sensible heat recovery, environmental protection, the waste heat boiler also bear the overheating task of all saturated steam generated by the device, The design must be combined with the different conditions of the regeneration process, the properties of the flue gas and the characteristics of the steam production system itself, to meet the requirements of the process units in various working conditions. 

Technical characteristics

●Adopting a rational and optimized structural arrangement, it undertakes overheating tasks of all saturated steam of the catalytic cracking unit as well as the heating and heating tasks of all the steam production equipment.
●Adopting a combination of rough adjustment and fine adjustment to solve the problem of large variation of steam-water load range;
●Add the bypass and other special designs to solve the regenerative flue gas load, and the composition becomes larger.
●The use of additional preheater and a new anti-corrosion materials, effectively prevent the boiler heating surface low temperature corrosion;
●The advanced and efficient soot blowing technology is used to solve the problem of hot area ash.
●The use of efficient heat transfer performance of the heat pipe and the furnace slightly positive pressure design.

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