Blowing gas waste heat recovery boiler


Blowing gas waste heat recovery boiler

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Blowing gas waste heat recovery boiler




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The lump coal or briquette as a raw material of ammonia gas system, the gas produced by the gas heat recovery is the focus of energy-saving nitrogen fertilizer enterprises. The traditional blow dryer gas heat recovery adopts the way of recovering the blowing air and the latent heat recovery. It is easy to cause the sensible heat of the blowing gas, the heat loss during the latent heat recovery process, and the recovery efficiency of the heat energy is improved.

We aim at the ammonia gasification system process characteristics, Adopting the method of "two changes and one reform" to design blow-air waste heat boiler, After the blowing gas is burned, the high-temperature flue gas generated by combustion burns into the waste heat boiler. By using the remaining pressure head of the gas generator blower to overcome the resistance of the waste heat boiler system, no additional induced draft fan is provided, Which not only saves running costs but also avoids the heat loss caused by the sensible heat and the latent heat of the blowing gas respectively and fully obtains the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction. The existing dual-drum longitudinal type, vertical three return, tunnel type, vertical single-return furnace for different users choose to use. 

Technical characteristics

●Set water cooling section to protect the steam superheater.
●The superheater adopts the heat-resistant alloy steel pipe to improve the operating life of the equipment.
●The evaporation section is integrated with the coal saving section.
●Sealing furnace wall with outer cover plate, Increase the bearing capacity of the furnace wall, Boiler to achieve aslight positive pressure operation without leakage;
●The unique design of ash discharge port can automatically discharge ash and safety water seal.


Blowing gas waste heat recovery boiler




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