QXL series of large-capacity hot water boiler


QXL series of large-capacity hot water boiler

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QXL series of large-capacity
hot water boiler






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QXL series of large-capacity hot water boiler






Boiler design features
First, high thermal efficiency
1, adequate heating surface layout, flue gas temperature dropped in a reasonable range, to ensure the economic operation of the boiler.
2, the use of membrane wall structure furnace. Sealed, air leakage is small, the boiler heat loss is small.
3. Equipped with cross beam grate, grate safe, stable and economical.
4, Reasonable design of furnace structure and combustion system, high combustion efficiency.
5. Equipped with air preheater, especially suitable for operation in cold areas of the boiler.
Second, high security
1, the combination of forced circulation and natural circulation, the water circulation flow rate higher than the standard requirements, water circulation safety margin. Effectively prevent the water vaporization and scaling phenomenon.
2, the rear convection Heating medium with flue gas downstream arrangement, to ensure a reasonable export of tobacco temperature, to avoid flue gas acid dew point corrosion.
3, the furnace layout of the screen heating surface, the furnace is divided into multiple areas, reducing the furnace width direction of the uneven heating, improve the furnace temperature field, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler.
4, using thread pipe air preheater, air leakage, no fouling, no wear.
5, the boiler water volume, and has a nylon tube, the power failure in the boiler to form a natural cycle, to meet the boiler good cooling.
6, the top of the furnace with the tail of the flue arranged heating surface, to improve the strength of the top of the furnace wall will not appear the top of the furnace wall cracks and even fall off.
7, the furnace exports using fin structure, can separate large particles of fly ash, fly ash to achieve rekindling and reduce the rear heating surface wear.
Third, good environmental protection effect
1, the use of multi-level dust in the furnace to reduce the concentration of the original boiler dust.
2, a reasonable design of the furnace structure and arch before and after, effectively eliminate black smoke, Ringelmann blackness less than 1.
Fourth, high operating economy
1, the boiler body flue gas flow resistance is small, reduce induced draft fan power.
2, the boiler body water circulation resistance is small, reduce the circulating pump power.
3, boiler thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption.

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