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15 tons per hour Anthracite Coal Boiler was Delivered to Vietnam

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2017/11/03 13:43

Anthracite coal boiler was delivered to Hoan Vu Co., LTD in Vietnam by Taishan Group on October 18, 2017. The anthracite coal boiler model is DZL15-1.25-WIII, which is widely used in various industries to generate steam. Hoan Vu Co., LTD is a leading manufacturer in instant noodle industry in Vietnam, whose main products are instant noodle, beverages and food sauces, etc. They are very strict with their purchase process and the certification of their supplier. Taishan Boiler started the business with them since the year of 2012, and our coal boiler product quality and our attitude to the business gained their recognition.

Our anthracite coal boiler is specially designed based on the analysis of Vietnam anthracite coal samples which is taken from local market. The coal is different from soft coal, the heat value is very high and it is not easy to start fire in steam boiler furnace. Long-time burning will burn the chain grate out. So it is hard to burn out in common coal fired boiler, and the burning efficiency is low. The size of anthracite is petty. So it is easy to leak. Taishan Group did the research and made the special design for anthracite coal boiler.

After the first coal boiler order on Vietnam market since the year of 2009, DZL series anthracite coal boiler is famous in Vietnam local market, and the evaluation from the end user is very good.

Hoan Vu Co., LTD had purchased one set of DZL20-1.25-WIII anthracite coal steam boiler in the year of 2012. After 5-year stable operation, they are quite satisfied with Taishan brand coal fired boilers. They planned to enlarge their production capacity in the year 2018, so they placed the anthracite boiler order for the increasing steam demand.

This anthracite coal boiler will be installed in November 2017, and will run before December 31, 2017.

We hope that this anthracite coal boiler project will be well advertised for Taishan brand in Vietnam and we will keep developing Vietnam market as we had tried in past several years.