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Analysis on the Development Prospect of Domestic Waste Incineration Power Generation

Industry Trends
2017/11/23 11:40

  With the economic development, urban expansion and population growth, the sharp increase in the output of municipal solid waste has brought a series of problems. The accumulation of a large amount of household garbage will not only occupy land, but also cause soil, water, air and ecology pollution and cause serious social and economic problems. At present, the cumulative stock of urban garbage in China is as high as more than 6 billion tons, and nearly two-thirds of large and medium-sized cities are surrounded by household garbage. The problem of "Garbage Besieged City" has become increasingly prominent. The fundamental reason lies in the huge population in our country. The generated domestic garbage far exceeds the existing and traditional waste disposal capacity. Therefore, encouraging the development of urban domestic waste treatment industry has become the key to solve the "garbage siege" issue.

  Stones from other hills, can learn. In the face of widespread flooding, all countries in the world have not only confronted the passive "defense" of controlling and eliminating rubbish, but have taken active and energetic measures to comprehensively and scientifically handle the use of rubbish.

  The most widely used domestic and foreign garbage disposal methods are sanitary landfill, composting and incineration. There are many landfill land occupation area, secondary pollution, explosion collapse and many other defects; composting treatment of organic matter content of the garbage is higher, is not conducive to its scale. The garbage incineration harmless treatment more thorough, is conducive to improving the quality of the environment.