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  Taishan Group has a state-level technology center and two provincial-level technology centers. In addition, in order to strengthen the circulating fluidized bed boiler, biomass boilers and waste incinerator technology research and development, The group also established a thermoelectric Engineering Institute in Ji'nan, Shandong. The company has set up the above-mentioned core R & D institutions as a carrier, radiating to the Group's technological innovation system, with domestic high-end scientific research institutions and key universities to establish a long-term technical cooperation mechanism, and strive to strengthen with foreign counterparts in technical cooperation. through independent development, joint development and introduction domestic and foreign advanced technology combine to enhance the technical strength of Group company.


Taishan Group National Technology Center Taishan Group Industrial Boiler Technology Center
(provincial key technology center)
Taishan Group Thermoelectric Engineering Institute Taishan Group Thermoelectric Engineering Institute
Taishan Group Thermoelectric Engineering Institute  


  Achievements of scientific and technological innovation:

  1、 the State Quality Inspection Administration Award for science and technology
  2、China Special Equipment Inspection Association Science and Technology Award
  3、Ministry of Industry "Energy Star"
  4、"Ministry of Industry Energy Recommended Products List"
  5、"Shanghai energy-saving products";
  6、"Shandong famous brand";
  7、"China's top ten best-selling brand-name boiler";
  8、presiding or participating in the revision of 9 national and industrial standards, and participating in the revision of 6 local standards in Shandong Province
  9、6 items of invention patents, 60 items of utility model and design patent are obtained.


  Taishan group Limited by Share Ltd has established long-term and close technical cooperation with universities, research institutes and European advanced enterprises, and has researched and developed energy-efficient and environmentally friendly boiler products.


Introduce advanced European boiler
technology-Novartis Technology Finland the
development of energy-saving large-scale oil-fired boiler


With the Chinese Academy of Engineering
Thermophysics signed a circulating fluidized
bed boiler technology cooperation agreement


The company and the Dutch HKB boiler company
technical cooperation the development of efficient
pulverized coal industry boilers


The company and the Czech TTS company
technical cooperation the development of
biomass boiler technology