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Consumer trust products unit

National contract and trustworthy enterprise

certificate of honor


hundred commendation enterprises in the year of 2014

The most influential brand

Outstanding entrepreneur

New product development Star Enterprise

Advanced foreign exchange Enterprises

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500 industrial enterprises with the best economic benefit

500 largest machinery industry enterprises in China

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Energy saving products of industrial boilers

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The title of energy saving products in Shanghai

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China Urban Heating Association

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National major scientific and technological equipment Award

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China Special Equipment Inspection Association of Science and Technology Award

Energy efficiency star in 2015

Recommendation catalogue of energy saving mechanical and electrical equipment

Tai'an City Mayor Quality Award

Shandong Province demonstration enterprise of social responsibility

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certificate of honor

Proof of keep contract credit enterprise public demonstration

Proof of keep contract credit enterprise public demonstration

Certificate of the council unit for the installation and energy conservation of special equipment

Qualified supplier certificate of CNN