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Speech by Chairman

Speech by Chairman

Enterprise culture from chairman of the board—Cao Xisen

““When meeting fierce competition, companies without mature products are friable, and without solid enterprise culture are evanescent.””。

Three parts in different layers constitute a complete enterprise culture system whose core layer is about culture theory, that is development concept, value and enterprise spirit. The middle layer of the system includes business style such as ways of working, social interaction and coping with changes. The outer layer is enterprise image including styles, packing and ads of our products, as well as including the appearance of the plant and the staff. Those three parts achieve strong correlations, deeply interpenetrate and complement with one another, pushing to constitute a complete efficient culture system.

The thought is the motion forerunner. For enterprises, culture concept, as soul of enterprises, means action and theory instruction, playing a vital role in the development of enterprises.Following culture concepts of TAISHAN GROUP are what he came down to:
◈ Developing philosophy: Beyond the present, leading the Future.
◈ Corporation spirit: Solidary, pragmatic, self-pressurized, innovative and excellent.
◈ Enterprise values:
   Values on developing——We are endeavoring to satisfy our users’ needs to achieve group’s win-win strategy because users’ satisfactions are equal to our success.
   Values on operating——Integrity is more important than our lives.
   Values on innovation—一The sun is a new day, our group’s innovation and development is indefinite.
   Values on talents——Talents are the most valuable corporation wealth. Talents are the first asset of the enterprise.
   Values on management——Though strict, but our group is a staff-oriented corporation. Everyone in our group stands for group’s image, so loving our group equals loving yourself. Growing constantly is the root of our group’s survival and development.


If a enterprise concept reflects the internal ideas and concepts of a enterprise, enterprise style is the external behavior of the employees. The advanced cultural concept must be reflected by good working style. We adhere to develop work style of "trustworthy and effective, innovate and flexible, vigorous and resolute, rigorous style of work." To ensure effectiveness is to put the development of enterprises and the improvement on the efficiency at the first place. Profit maximization is the ultimate pursuit and the sole purpose. We must put an end to the formalism and cosmetic measure, not only on books, fame and leadership but on the truth. With surpassing awareness and horizon, accommodating changes in the market change rapidly, we change the conformity, neither rigid nor to be an anachronism, reassessing the situation and pursuing of innovation and development. We continuously learn new ideas and new perspectives to guide our action, improve the management level with new management mode and method of enterprise management, expand the domestic and abroad market gradually with the advanced technologies to develop new products. As a saying goes, attacking is the best defense. Only reassess the situations flexibly and adapt to the changing needs can we seize the initiative and chance. Prompt action means to action immediately, not drag, to be swift and decisive. We must develop a working style that says "stand up, and act immediately". Without such strict working style, we cannot guarantee that each task can be completed quickly and effectively. On the contrary, the more severe we drag on, the more serious the problems are. Hold down a job without doing a stroke of work can definitely have negative effect. Be self-motivated, cautiousness, and strive -to -perfect attitude, that is, responsible, upright working style. In the world, conscientiousness can conquer every obstacles and difficulties in the work.

Corporate image is the appearance of enterprise,is the most intuitive and vivid appearance to the public. Image is brand, image is benefits. We must aim at the establishment of images of "excellent staff, high quality product, excellent advertisement and beautiful environment”. We pay equal attention to both quality and image. We made great efforts to shape our image. Shaping excellent product image is to improve the ideological and moral quality and professional skills of employees through continuous education and training. In this way, they can become excellent employees with high level of civilization and professional ability. Shaping the excellent staff image is to keep the pace with scientific and technological development, and constantly develop high-quality and efficient products. To create a good advertising image is to continuously increase the advertising intensity of enterprises and the products, and to adopt a variety of innovative and effective forms of publicity. To create a beautiful environment image is to build a park-like enterprise, to attract customers with exquisite and pleasant environment, and to create a good working environment for employees. By shaping the "Four Images”, our popularity, reputation in the society will be higher and higher, promoting the development of us.